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About HBA

Hawkeye Bicycle Association (HBA) was organized in 1971 as a non-profit social club to offer an opportunity for bicycle enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels to participate in group rides and social events focused on cycling. HBA promotes bicycling safety and advocates bicycle friendly communities, roads and trails, as well as bicyclist rights.

HBA sponsors organized rides for members and guests.  Club rides are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings from April through October.  Shorter “leisure rides” are scheduled periodically.  One "special" ride is scheduled each month (November through March).

HBA’s annual “Swine Trek” ride is open to the public and is supported by HBA volunteers.  This ride offers distances from ten miles to a full "century". 

HBA also sponsors bicycle race events from April through August each year, at the Hawkeye Downs “Oval” in Cedar Rapids.

Our postal address is:

Hawkeye Bicycle Association
P.O. Box 223
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406-0223

Hawkeye Bicycle Association (HBA) can be contacted by sending email messages to:

Comments or question about this web site may be directed to:  Webmaster - HBA

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